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Chapter 1

When you have skin trouble according to used cosme

If you have skin trouble with any and all cosmetics, you can see that your skin condition is extremely delicate. Your skin may be naturally weak, but it can be more sensitive by the factors such as external environment, allergic reactions, and stress. In addition, using hypo-allergenic cosmetics can cause skin problems. In this case, selection of cosmetics is more important, so you must check what are the hypo-allergenic ingredients’, what are the ingredients that stimulate the skin’, ‘Do they fit my skin type’. To check for cosmetics that fit my skin type, try to test on the most sensitivearea of the face, the cheek.

Order to use cosmetics


Morning : Wash your face with Aqua Foam Cleansing, the morning-use-only cleanser, and rinse throughly with warm water.

Night : If you waer makeup, clean it with cotton pads after rubbing lightly using Celeb’s Secret Cleansing Lotion. And wash your face with Purifying Foam Cleansing, the night-use-only cleanser, which contains full moist ingredient that carry moist deep into your skin while washing the face. (‘Splashing Wash’. A method to rinse the face with splashed water, is recommened while rinsing your face)


Apply Full Moist Skin, which prevents skin dryness and provides rich moisture by protectinb skin layer.


Hydrate and nourish skin using Aquaporin Serum containing edelweiss stem cell culture fluid extract and full moist ingredient to prevent stickiness or skin trouble caused by malnourished skin state.


Mask Use Ice Soothing Gel Cream9skin calming cream) as a facial pack by applying and leaving it for 15 to 20 minutes every night for 2 weeks. Take intensive care to focus on sedation and moisturizing using Before & After Moist Mask twice a week.


Apply Ice Soothing Gel Cream(skin calming cream) every morning and night, and use mixture of Ice Soothing Gel Cream(moisture maintaing cream) in the proportion of 2:1 when your face feels tight.

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