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Celeb’s Secret Three Cushion Skin Training

Why do you have to use Three Cushion?

Sensitive skin, acne/trouble skin or atopy skin are difficult to use general makeup products such as foundation, BB or CC cushions. Especially, dryness or troubles from makeup products makes the skin more sensitive, it is important to use makeup product with no stimulus and moisture maintenance.

Celeb’s Secret Three Cushion

As ‘low stimulus and full moisture CC cushion’, the Celeb’s Secret Three Cushion fullfills women’s wish to become more beautiful. It is created through 27 meticulous tests for a year, and its niacinamide and adenosine elements helps in anti-aging and whitening. It protects the skin by blocking sunrays with SPF 30. It also strengthens the skin barrier and maintains moisture for 36 hours without darkeninf with containing second skin element. It can be applied lightly, good to cover, and makes the skin maturally glossy by color-controlling. It suits for all skin type or dry and sensitive skin, and troubled skin.

HOW TO USE Three Cushion

1. Using after moisture cream
2. If you want to do moist makeup, you can add some moisturizing cream with foundation.
3. Use it as a suncream by adding it lightly before going out.


1. Use it at the base makeup stage after use of moisturizing cream
2. Blend with moisturizingcream to give more mosit make up effect
3. Use it as sun block by re-applying before going out.

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