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Celeb’s Secret Cleansing Lotion Skin Training

why do you have to use cleansing lotion?

Often useages of cleasing products to remove makeup stimulate your skin and make it dry and sensitive. Especially, using cleansers regardless of your skin type cause skin problems and can change your skin type into dry or sensitive one. Unlike cleasing water, oil, or cream, cleasing lotion removes your makeup perfectly without making your skin dry with less stimulation.

Properties by Product

Cleansing Lotion

It can remove makeup perfectly with less stimulus. Unlike cleansing water, it doesn’t make your skin dry. And unlike cleansing oil or cream, there is no oil residue after usage, which can cause pimples and other troubles.

Cleansing Water

It simply cleans makeup, however, its alcoholic ingredient makes the skin dry or causes redness or keratinazation of the skin.

Cleansing Oil/ Cream

Its smoothly cleans makeup, however, its oil residue can cause pimples or other troubles after second cleansing.

Celeb’s Secret Cleansing Lotion

Beta geullutan extracted from mishrooms helps to avoid skin damage from cleansing. There is no oil residue after usage, which can cause pumples and other troubles.

Cleansing Lotion must be used by

1. who wants to have moist and gentle cleansing
2. who wants to have soft cleansing withput stimulus
3. who feels bad dryness after cleansing
4. who has sensitive from usages of cleansing water/oil


1. Apply a suitable amount to your face
2. Massage gently with hands drawing circles
3. Wipe softly with tissue papers
4. Rinse with warm water

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