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Chapter 3

Skin Care know how of celebrities by skin type – Actress K

Celebrities often have to wear heavy makeup when they have schedules for showing on TV, filming, and giving a concert. They also have troubled or sensitive skin type because of frequent put-ons and removals of heavy makeup and the lack of sleep. Nevertheless, they boast clean skin without a single problem. Here is their Know how of skin care.

Type 2 Actress K – Sensitive troubled skinwith acne


Morning : Wash your face with Aqua Foam Cleansing, the morning-use-only cleanser, and rinse throughly with warm water.

Night : If you waer makeup, clean it with cotton pads after rubbing lightly using Celeb’s Secret Cleansing Lotion. And wash your face with Purifying Foam Cleansing, the night-use-only cleanser, which contains full moist ingredient that carry moist deep into your skin while washing the face. (‘Splashing Wash’. A method to rinse the face with splashed water, is recommened while rinsing your face)


Use Therapy Skin soothing sensitive skin and making the skin glossy containing paanthenol, which penetrates deep into the skin.


Firstly, soak the cotton pads in Teraphy Skin and put them on the face as a mask pack for 20 minutes. Secondly, apply mixture of Ice Soothing Gel Cream (skin calming cream) and Aquaporin of 1:1 and leave it for 15~20 minutes. Remove blackheads and have pore-care using Before & After Bubble Mask once in a week.


Use Ice Soothing Gele Cream(skin calming cream) every morning and night when acne is severe. Apply Moisturizing Cream (Moisture maintaing cream)lightly when you have acne and dry skin.

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