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Skin Training Prologue

The only reason for why we use cosmetics is to keep the skin ‘beautiful and healthy’. In the flooding of numerous cosmetic products, many women are using them regardless of own skin types and that makes their skin more sensitive and worse. Actually, more and more women are suffered by skin stress came from use of not suitable cosmetics and a false sense of that putting good cosmetics more would be good for the skin.
Harmful cosmetic elements and excessive use of cosmetics accelerates skin aging and causes many skin troubles by stimulating the skin. Therefore, it is important to protect the skin and recover the skin condition rapidly by reducing external stimulus to keep beautiful and healthy skin. Also selecting suitable cosmetics’ instructions.

Celeb’s Secret Skin Training introduces skin-care know how of celebrities to keep beautiful skin in extreme work environment and busy schedules and real cosmetics’ instructions.
It contains the skin care prescriptions of the skin specialist, Han Gyu-ri who manages most celebrities for 20 years, and also contains directions of use of cosmetics by skin type, correct way of cleasing, and skin care management by situation/stage.

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