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Chapter 4

Celeb’s Skin care type – YL actress type

Celebrities often have to wear heavy makeup when they have schedules for showing on TV, filming, and giving a concert. They also have troubled or sensitive skin type because of frequent put-ons and removals of heavy makeup and the lack of sleep. Nevertheless, they boast clean skin without a single problem. Here is their know how of skin care.

Type3) Actress YL – Skin with atopy, redness, and overly dryness

Order of use cosmetics : Cleansing – Emulsion – Mask Pack – Essence / Cream


Morning : Wash your face with Aqua Foam Cleansing, the morning-use-only cleanser, and rinse throughly with warm water.

Night : If you waer makeup, clean it with cotton pads after rubbing lightly using Celeb’s Secret Cleansing Lotion. And wash your face with Purifying Foam Cleansing, the night-use-only cleanser, which contains full moist ingredient that carry moist deep into your skin while washing the face. (‘Splashing Wash’. A method to rinse the face with splashed water, is recommened while rinsing your face)


Apply Full Moist Skin, which prevents skin dryness and provides rich moisture by protecting skin layer.


2~3 times a week. Firstly, soak the cotton pads in Full Moist Skin and put them on the face as a mask pack for 20 minutes; Secondly, apply Ice Soothing Gel Cream(skin calming cream) and leave it for 20 minutes, then lightly pat to be absorbed; Lastly, take intensive care to focus on sedation and moisturizing using Before & After Moist Mask.

Essence / Cream

Morning : Apply Anti-Stress Cream(skin overcoat cream)

Afternoon : Fix makeup using mixture of Anti-Stress Cream(skin overcoat cream) and Celeb’s Secret Three Cushion in the proportion of 1:1 and maintain moisturizing effect when the skin feels hotness.

Night : Apply mixture of Second Skin Booster and Anti-stress Cream(skin overcoat cream) in the proportion of 2:1 and thoroughly pat to be absorbed, and apply once more to moisturize.

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