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Core Technology

It is the core technology of our company

Cosmeceutical Brand

b&A Bio Cosmetic have been collaborating with Korean top stars’ know-how of esthetic skin care, dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and skin aesthetics faculty in order to optimize all the knowledge and it is a cosmetics specialty brand that helps you to heal and improve damaged skin by optimizing all knowledge and experience of skin obtained from 20 years skin care experience.


Unlike the artificially synthesized old cosmetics, it is harmless to the human body and is safe by applying the materials naturally produced by the creatures. It is a functional cosmetic using biotechnology that has a good effect on skin. By maintaining skin balance, skin care can be improved as well as various skin problems such as keratin, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, spots and black spots.

Cosmetic Multi-Blending Technology

Ceramide blending technology with multi-lamellar structure and skin barrier protection technology are applied
to different active and ingredients to best suit your skin conditions.

W.O.W Layered type technology

O/W & W/O Combination System

Elastic Skin Texture + Oil and stabilize the active ingredient in forming a protective skin.

The w/o/w moisture barrier protects skin texture and keeps the moisturizing period longer.

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