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It is CONCEPT of b&A bio to impart the skin secrets of the stars.

Daily cosmetics for our own
‘skin training’

It is a chemical cosmetic product that has selected only safe materials based on the green grade and conducted a clinical test for over 1,000 case based on ingredients, artificial form, touch, aroma, and function to verify safety directly. Sensitive skin can also be used comfortably, and stages skin training is tailored to skin condition to help calm skin quickly and ensure a healthy turnover.

Celeb’s Secret by Gyuri Han since 1996

Korean Top Celebs’ skin tip!!


Person for documenting and delivering the secret of true beauty like secretary who was in charge of recording and teaching religious precepts from the past

*Top-celebrity cosmetic

Celeb’s secret is the beauty recipe of ‘Secretary,’ Gyuri Han, who was in possession of secrets for 200 skin trainees of top celebrities from 1996. Promise of changes for true celeb’s skin with secret for producing K-stars in Korea that are well-known to have healthy and beautiful skin and stylish with good sense

Only Secrets’ for Celebs

Celebs’ are gifted with great skin

Most of them are born with good skin, but they are sensitive for busy schedules, filming ,concerts and are prone to trouble. At that time, it is recommended to immediately return to the original good skin with skin training, which is used to protect and slowly adjust skin with gentle make-up that cannot be stimulated.

Celebs’ always manage themselves

It keeps skin healthy and resilient with skin training cosmetics that build up your skin’s strength to withstand stress, stimuli, and circumstances like body training to improve your figure and boost your stamina.

Celebs’ only use cosmetics which their skin needed

Even good materials and cosmetics can be used slowly to adjust to skin condition as they can irritate the skin and cause skin problems to be irritated.

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