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I promise to change to a true director’s skin with the secret recipe that has produced k-stars in Korea.

CEO of b&A Gyuri. Han

It took 20 years to get the skin of the top group. Learned by touching with one’s fingertips, learn the secret to beautiful skin.

CEO of b&A
Gyuri. Han

For more than 20 years, Estetic has customized skin care for many customers. After analyzing the reasons for the good skin condition, the cosmetics you use as your daily routine is stimulating. Because it was made for sensitive skin users, and got a satisfying result. So I decided to make the best cosmetics to maintain good skin condition after treatments.

In addition, during skin training, the commonly used artificial scent can cause fine skin irritation. Not only harmful ingredients but also no artificial scent made authentic hypoallergenic cosmetics.

Received ODM is not enought to satisfy the order, so we analyzed more than 1,000 cosmetics and when you apply it, you complete an optimal formula that does not become sensitive, based on which you can adjust to hypoallergenic cosmetics. We have developed a cosmetics product that enables skin training that can safely supply nutrients inside and outside of the skin.

It’s a product that can help the skin, and through skin training, we have a product that’s motr recognized by those who care for sensitive skin. We will make steady efforts to make good cosmetics.

Story of Gyuri Han

Dream Hill’s b&A Medical esthetic. Gyuri. Han’s story.

Secret of skin for Koreans’ top celebrities as skill! Reliable skin doctor.

The CEO of b&A has 20 years of experience of giving skin care treatment to top celebrities in Korea including Girls’ Generation. Big Bang, Wonder Girls’ and Four Minutes. She also did research and clinical studies on how to make healthy and beautiful skin.

producing a lot of top stars for 20 years. B&A Medical Estetic Leader

Gyuri Han, co-president of the b&A Medical/ Astetic Group, composed of dermatologists, cosmetic surgery, medical aesthetic and obesity clinics. The b&A Medical Astetic means that being managed here is a special possibiity for the reserve statrs. Each character creates a living beauty and completes its image as a Rising Star.

Studying cosmetics can help you to develop sensitive skin. Commetirc Expert.

Gyuri Han, who is responsible for the skin of each group and can not choose any type of cosmetic product, is responsible for maintaining ” good skin at all times. “

What is ‘Dream Hill’?

Street #100 in Cheongdam-dong where b&A medical and aesthetics group is located is known as ‘Dream Hill’ for Korean Celebs. Many of Korean celebs are born by touch from Gyuri Han with extraordinary sense of style and skin expertise. Celeb’s Secret born in Dream Hill provides the skin experiences that Korean celebrities go through.

Who is Gyuri. Han?

For last 20 years, she has been responsible for skin care of Korean celebs such as Girl’s generation, Boa, BigBang, Wonder girls and 4 minute. She made steady and persistent effort to research and clinical test as the representative of b&A medical and aesthetics group. Based on her know-how from Cell Hydration Cream, also known as ‘Moisturizing cream for Korean celebs’, she created another product line, Celeb’s Secret.

Gyuri. Han’s Celebs Family…

Hyojin Gong, Soojung Lim, Eugene, Jungwoo Ha, Gong Yoo, Seungbum Ryoo, Hyunsuk Yang (President of YG Ent.), Teddy, Dana, Jinu, Girl’s generation, Bigbang, 2NE1, f(x), Wonder girls, Super junior, EXO Kai, Jinyoung Jang, Jaewon Sim, Danny(1TYM), Winner, IKON, Jaeyoung Lee, Jihyun Nam (4minute), Seven, Minwoo Noh, Eunsook Jo, Hakjin Kim, etc.

A person who has been making “The Miracle of the goddesss skin” by top stars in Korea.

Gyuri. Han

Many people do not understand, but the Celebs’ know

Hypoallergenic cosmetics for sensitive skin Make your skin reborn beautiful

“My skin is very dry and sensitive. While I have a hectic schedule, I couldn’t sleep most of time. It is easy to get into trouble because I cannot adapt to irregular sleep, makeup, and lifestyle that is unfamiliar to me especially during overseas concert tours. However, I have been receiving constant skin training from her since I was a student, and she taught me cosmetics that fit my skin type with her numerous experiences and know-how. Thanks to b&A cosmetics, my usual symptoms of contact dermatitis have disappeared, and I keep my skin clear and clear despite my tight schedule.”

- The nation’s top Idol star, BigBang G-DRAGN -

Real Products which Korean top stars use. Celeb's Cosmetic Secret

“My skin is white and clean, but I am very thin and sensitive. I was usually okay, but my skin got red and I felt crusted whenever I went back to the studio, so I was under a lot of stress. So I had to block my activities. Even though it was a cosmetics model, I couldn't put any makeup comfortably. Then I went see him in person. " The know-how is great for me to select cosmetics that are right for me with a lot of experience and know-how, and to mix them well to manage the water quality before shooting, and to take pictures and to take care of them. I often say, "the secret of keeping my baby skin for 13 years largely credited to Gyuri Han.”

- Korean looking Young actor Y -

Recieve Skin Training everyday. Daily Care Secret

“Naturally dark complexion, the skin is not delicate, often there will be some acne. Want to create no matter who is looking at the noble, transparent and shiny skin is really not easy. And because young people are debut So, of course, some centralized management is needed. At that time, I met all the people who would like to see the preliminary stars, and then like every day to practice singing, dancing, and performing, they have received skin training every day. After that, they also succeeded in debuting. Now they are As an actor, I still insist on working with her to maintain my skin health.”

- one of Korean group's member Y -

Restores healthy skin condition quickly. Instant S.O.Secret

“In fact, my original skin was very healthy, but after using expensive skin care products, my skin became worse all at once. We tried many well-known dermatologists and Korean treatments, but none of them recovered to their original health status. Found her, in order to remove skin problems on the face, very hard to carry out horny management, more smear, more rubbing, but she did not touch my skin, simply cover, ease, relax the skin. Later learned that At that time, the skin was particularly sensitive, and as a result, I knew more about my skin and I knew what kind of skin care products I should apply and what kind of management I would apply. This is the secret of my skin being unchanged for 10 years.”

- Korean charming top actress K -

Celeb’s Secret by Gyuri. Han’s Ethival philosophy

The ethics philosophy of Gyuri Han, who has created the miracle of the goddess skin of Korea’s top stars.

Every woman is the heroine in her life and she must be the most beautiful right now. Celeb’s Secret tells a secret of skin care that they never miss, I really want every woman love herself and to be in awe of her life.

Many people have spent a long time studying beautiful skin and talking about many ways. Celeb Secret By Han Kyu Lee, people who are worried about their skin damaged and weakened by the stimulation from the outside environment prior to speaking of beautiful, formalized beauty, were given priority. And by checking the results of the clinic and results over a long period of time, I have been thinking about how to restore the damaged skin to health and maintain the skin for a long time.

As a result, we found that the skin that changed every 365 days could be more sensitive to the stimulation of the existing cosmetics, depending on the external environment and individual body condition. In addition, we have found that only cosmetics containing ingredients that are nutritious enough to nourish the skin harmful ingredients to the extent that they are used as much as possible will protect skin health for a longer period of time.

Therefore, Celeb Secret by Gyuri. Han has created a skin-trained cosmetics that does not use harmful ingredients to the skin but only thinks about skin health, and has been constantly worrying and researching for modern healthy skin.

Beautiful and healthy skin is the ‘desire’ of everyone. Celeb Secret By Gyuri. Han, we will continue to study and develop cosmetics that can be reliably applied to sensitive skin with best wishes, without disturbing one’s tooth.

The skin-training cosmetics’ Celeb Secret
Fragile skin becomes healthy, and healthy skin becomes healthier and more thorough.

Celeb Secret’s Promise

01. Stablilty

– Select ewg Green grad safe raw material
– Exclusion of artificial type, coloring matter and chemical components
– A hypoallergenic cosmetic that can also be used for sensitive skin
– Clinical test over 1000 cases based on sensitivity/ redness/trouble/dryness.

02. Sincerity

– Korea’s only skin speacialist to develop essential cosmetics for sensitive skin.
– Cosmetics with 20 years’ experience of Korea’s top celebrity skin management experts.
– The pursuit of healthy beauty, away from ‘dangerous’ cosmetics.
– Confortable skin care while satisfying women’s sensual cosmetics.

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